Hi, I’m Damon.
I really like visual content.

Before starting my own agency, I’d worked as an Art Director, Photographer & Creative Strategist for a few major Australian companies. Now, I work for many different brands over many different industries. The aim is the same - Create engaging content that communicates the brand or product intentions visually.

Hit the contact link above and let’s figure out how we can work together!


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I am an experience photographer and DIY film maker specializing in music photography and videography and well as corporate and wedding photo and videography.


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Sail Me To The Moon is a Byron Bay based wedding film and photography collective. We are not your every day wedding photographers or filmmakers. Our team is made up of award winning and established commercial, lifestyle, surf, travel, culture, documentary and fashion Directors, Cinematographers and Photographers.

Our team apply many years of skill and knowledge in the field to making your wedding look epic! Most of all the Sail Me To The Moon team’s honest, happy and relaxed approach to our work means you can forget about the cameras and throw yourself into your big day.

We also specialise in destination weddings and love to shoot wedding in all corners of the globe.


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With attention to detail and a love for love, Mad Rose Films creates beautiful, handcrafted films and photos that capture the essence of your wedding day. Husband and wife duo Madeleine Rose & Jake are the proud founders of Mad Rose Films, embracing an organic and creative style to filmmaking and photography.


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18-22 Old Pacific Highway
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Byron Bay Hinterland